God, No Anything But the Flu

Oh goodie. That explains the four days of excruciating neck pain. Poor AJ, he was the first to get sick, with Mommy a whole day after, and Daddy woke up sick today. Happy Effing New Year. Not starting out so good for anyone… Ok, that’s an exaggeration, not EVERYBODY’S life sucks, just some… but I figure nobody deserves any of it.
First day of school for me today<eeek>. Of course I start out with math, I suppose I’ll have to get over that. No money for textbooks till next thursday, and I hope I don’t need a calculator, the only one in the house that I can find needs to be hit against something every few minutes to get it to work! haha. I can see it now, sitting in class beating the crap out of my calculator…
Oh well, "life is what happens while you are making other plans"… and it’s very very true today.

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