Boys suck… Well most of them do

Ok, so I’m starting to think that there are very, very few "happily" married people out there. I can’t even Man Bash with the girls, cause I honestly don’t have anything serious to bitch about (other than the usual butt fuzzies and smelly socks, and shut up you can’t say that to people  type of crap)…
Don’t think I can’t remember when I was the one who was all men-are-the-devil-and-I’d-rather-be-gay, and I was justifiably and riteously pissed at the Penis! But, poo, life is life, and men in general are dirt, and the really bad ones are making the .0002 percent of the not so bad ones look bad! haha
sooo, I’m taking my sniffly miserable carcass to bed, cause I gotta get up and go to school tomorrow (gawd, I forgot all about that morning shit!)… and pretend to be fascinated with obscure canadian literature….

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