Ok, One More Day…

So last night, AJ was acting "funny", couldn’t stay awake, even though it was only 6 pm, and had this totally spaced look in his face… Wouldn’t eat any supper either. I had already given him some dimetapp and tylenol (his cold was still kickin’). Finally about 7:30 I carried him up to bed. I had no sooner turned around to leave the room and he puked all over his bed. Nice Huh?
I called Sam to come up and hold him while I stripped his bed down and sopped up the vomit, and Sam says "He’s REALLY warm. Do we have a thermometer” Of course, I’ve only moved 7 times in the last 8 months, so even if I remembered having one, I have NO CLUE where the hell it is… So I call Deb and ask her if she has one… Nope, can’t find it, but she says I should get one to check anyway… it’s 9:30 by this time, and even though I’ve got him in bed he’s tossing around and whining in his sleep… Now, I’m not usually the HyperVigilant type when it comes to the Kid, but I was getting worried. Off to Safeway for a thermometer and some Baby Motrin…and some Orange Gatorade… and some advil… and some smokes (ok, well, I needed them). By the time I got home, AJ had woken up and was sitting downstairs on the couch with Sam. Well, you’d think that sticking a thermometer under his arm would be the simplest  way to get his temperature, but nooo, he had to shreik and flail and act like I was stabbing him with a harpoon and it took 3 tries and about 20 minutes all together to find out he was sitting at about 102degrees. Too hot. So Baby Motrin, and some Gatorade and back to bed. Then I caved and brought him into our bed so I could keep an "eye" on him, and Sam got up at 2 to give him more motrin…
He seems fine this morning, ate all his pancakes, no fever, had a poop (nice shade of greenish, in case you’re interested lol)… So we’ve got one more day (today that is) to get all better… Tomorrow I go back to school, run directly from school to the health unit for AJ’s vaccination records, then bolt down to the Little Triumphs meeting, and see if I can get him into DayCare before this all goes to hell and I have to drop out of school. OK, ok, that’s a little drastic, I’m just a teensy bit overwhelmed…
Tuesday… Tuesday…. I’ll be holding my breath. Love you Jo.

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2 Responses to Ok, One More Day…

  1. Katie says:

    so next time you lose the thermometer, remember we only live a few blocks away, and I have a few around the house! Hope he is feeling better!

  2. Sparky says:

    lol, thanks 🙂 He\’s feelin Just Fine today… Porked out on Pancakes for breakfast, no fever at all.. maybe it\’  was all just a bad dream… ecxept for the vomit smell lingering around here….blech

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