So, all our babies are growing up, mine had his first day of "school" yesterday, and he LOVED it. Now he’s pissed because we’re not going today, although I tried to explain it to him… we go tomorrow. Of course he was totally wiped out yesterday, and today he’s whiny and miserable and didn’t get to sleep in because of some helpful people who felt the need to phone 37 times and ring the doorbell for 5 minutes straight INSTEAD of just coming in, getting the keys and leaving.
So, my nice sleep in and relaxing day turned into my get-up-at-8-and-fight-with-a-tired-3-year-old day instead….
Other than that, there’s some new (to you) pics up here, all the ones that Dad had that he put on the computer. I promise I’ll get out and take some more of my own.
Joanne’s surgery was "successful" (I wonder why I bother writing that here, being as everyone who might read this already knows), anyway, here’s hoping that’s the last of it for her, that was scary enough thankyouverymuch!
No rest for the weary. Still working on the laundry, and trying to come up with the energy to make bread. poo. Then right back to it tomorrow.

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