There’s starving, and then there’s starving

Yup, Jo’s right. We’re not allowed to all have it good at the same time. I think it’s because there has to be at least one of us to be sensible and listen to the crying and tell the other that it’ll all be ok.
What can I do about it? well, it looks like I’ll be going back to work… doing what? I don’t know. whatever it is, it has to at least cover daycare (less whatever Joanne can handle) and still have enough to buy vellum. lol
Not going to school tomorrow either… but I’ll have to sit and deal with some of my homework, I really can’t handle failing Adult Basic Ed on top of all this crap. If I have to go through all this just to go get a bloody education, I’m planning on doing it REALLY REALLY WELL!
Excited about tubing tomorrow 🙂 that was lots of fun. Hopefully it wont be too busy while we’re there and we all get to go lots. Hopefilly I don’t get carsick on the way down the mountain again like last time! that was NOT cool.
So, I’m gonna go on addicting games and play curveball untill my brain is numb, and then go to bed.
Nighty-night all.

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