Simply Resistable

So there! I had 100 bucks in my hands and spent NONE of it on cigarettes. I took all of it to the daycare lady and got a receipt. sigh. But that’s ok. Hey, it’s been EIGHT DAYS! Over a week! And finally, things are starting to taste normal again. THANK GOD. Oddly enough, I had no problem with the over-eating, I just had LOTS of gum and lots of coffee, and on the one day, lots of Xanax. yup. not nearly as bed as you might think.
mmmmmmmphf… (that’s the sound of me eating peanut butter on toast. ) Peanut butter is like the most beautiful food ON EARTH. Ok, except for eggnog. I would trade food for eggnog any day. it’s only like 150 points per glass! haha. In the meantime, Ovaltine will have to do… it’s only 1 point plus 1 for the milk it goes in, and I can warm it up and it’s soo yummy.
Speaking of points, I was rather distressed to discover that since I’ve made the 5lb mark on weight watchers, I only get 28 points a day now instead of 29. Now maybe that’s not such a huge difference, but I’m going to have to figure out where I can save that point… like maybe I can get fat free coffee… or some gum that’s actually negative points! lol. I’m pathetic. I know, but man am I ever gonna look good this summer! ha.
K, so everyone who reads this must leave one favourite song/artist and one favourite website in the comments. k?

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