People are who people are…

Well, we’re all the way through February, and this year, we’re all the way back to where we started from… Jumping up nd down, crying and ranting, because we were hoping that someone would change. (this goes for EVERYBODY, including me).
Even though we know better, we look at out respective "someones" and wonder, why, after all these years, they’re still doing THAT! the same BS, the same games…. the same butt-fuzzies. But the reality is, people are who people are. It’s like expecting a cat to stop being a cat and start acting more like a bunny-rabbit… bunny rabbits are so much nicer, and cuter and they can live in little cages and eat lveggies and don’t make so much noise, and you don’t have to worry about getting them fixed and getting their shots… WELL WAIT JUST A SECOND… I DIDN’T WANT A BUNNY! I WANTED A CAT! SO HERE I AM WITH THIS CAT AND HATING IT FOR NOT BEING MORE LIKE A FUCKING BUNNY!
<<<<<slow inhale>>>>> hold <<<<<<exhaaaaaaaale>>>>>>> there. that’s better. Now, I love my kitty. ALOT. and although it has some rather irritating personal habits, and character defects, I know that I’d much rather have the kitty than the bunny.
For those of you who had horribly defective cats to begin with,( like, you were at the SPCA and there were these mangy three-legged one eyed mean bastard cats who thought they were dogs and you brought them home and thought you could love them into bunnies….) Well, it really isn’t much of a surprise that they’re still biting you and killing all the cute wittow burdeez and peeing on the furniture!
And we keep reacting the same way! My cat barfs on the kitchen floor, and just like 5 years ago i’m all "what the FUCK! I don’t care how icky you feel, clean that UP!".
Really, after all these years, and all the tools and tricks we’ve picked up along the way, we’re still the SAME PEOPLE. We still have the same hurts and needs and quirks… our g-spots haven’t moved an inch (even if our waistlines have), and we’re still gonna do the same thing when our cat barfs on the floor. And we’re always gonna wonder… "what would it be like now, if I had got the bunny instead"
so there. that’s my profound load of bullshit for the day.
hope you like! lol

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