So I was all psyched to go to bed at like 8 tonight, but nooooo….first i had some sex, yup, good livingroom sex…mmmm then I had to make snacks, apparently sex unleashed the peanut-butter-and-banana-beast in Sam’s belly (gah, what a NASTY concoction), then I had to get on the computer and do more stumbling… grr. Hi, my name in Elisheba, and I’m an Addict. Seriously. what I really ought to do is turn the fucking computer off for a few days. I know it sound’s extreme… but it might be necessary. sigh. Oh, wait, I promised to email mom tomorrow night! HA, I win for another day.
Supper was good, and Ty LOVED my porkchops. HAHA! that was soo funny. Like I said, in 7 years, I haven’t had that much enthusiasm over my cooking. Sam just rolled his eyes, and then went on to GUSH over the fantastic chow-mein that he had while he was in vancouver. Whatever. Maybe I’ll just start heating up some Alpo and dumping it on some rice… see if he notices. Hey, that was a Robert Redford movie too! cool. The movie was better, but only because the book was just too upsetting… then again, at least the book didn’t have Barbara Streisand in it! I can’t stand her! ACK.
Oops, I don’t suppose that bit made ANY sense to the rest of you… see I watched "Out of Africa" on Saturday, and that was Robert and Meryl. Now, I’m not that much of a Meryl fan, but the movie was really good despite her… Shame on me for not having read the book first, which is usually my M.O. but it was on, I had never seen it, and there was nothing else worth watching. It was that or The Wedding Singer, or Bridget Jones! that I just couldn’t make myself watch.
Another week gone and still not smoking! There was a close call on the weekend, when Deb brought over a "Care Package", and had actually forgot that I had quit… there was a tin of smokes in the bag, and while my brain had no real issue (not conciously anyway) my body had a freaking SPAZ! My heart was pounding, I started to sweat and shake a bit, and my hair was all standing on end. Seriously! it was NUTS. I finally had to wreck them all with soapy water and flush them. Fuck, I hate bein an Addict. It’s totally not cool.
Ooh! and I got my cause paragraph and my effect paragraph back in class today! I got 9/10 and 10/10 ! I thought that was totally AWESOME. and I am totally patting myself on the back for that! Really, I stopped typing just to do that! Hmm… yeah, and I did (almost) 2 miles on the treadmill today… I did a whole 2 yesterday, but while I was doing my little bit of jogging (hey, quit smoking and you too can remember how to run!) I started to get a tingly-shooting-pain in my calf and into my foot. I suspect that I was just pushing a little too hard, considering I’m still really fat and my legs arent so used to that much abuse… I’ll lay off and just walk for the next few workouts. I don’t think I actually hurt myself, just a warning. My wishlist has New Shoes on it for walking.
Maybe tomorrow I’ll redo my "wish list” and post it up here. I do one every 6 or so months, and even though sometimes I never get ANYTHING that’s on it, sometimes I get alot of it, and it also helps me to keep my priorities straight in my head. Like a boob job- that’s always on the list, but I know that it’s not likely to happen in the next 5 years, and even then it’s not REALLY necessary. Then there’s simple things, like houseplants, which now I have! and a new computer,! and stuff like that. also keeps me appreciative of the stuff I do end up with. I’m pretty lucky, and very loved!.
Anyway, now I’m done blah-blah-blahing… and I think I’m gonna head for bed. g’night!

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One Response to Crap

  1. Aimee says:

    An amazing feat in itself the loving of the pork chop from Tyrone…very rarely seen. But you gotta hand it to him when he loves something he eats a ton of it…..even took the last morsel from the Sam man himself…aww poor Sam. Watch out Sam if he likes more of her cooking he may try to steal her for himself. Ha ha ha I think one thing you should consider as a career is a T.A or something. Tyrone really seemed to respond to your help with his math. A heck of a lot more than mom who he just commented was \’frustrating him the most\’. Hmmm sorry kid, just trying to help. But I understand….sniffle sniffle. He got the soothing Lish voice and everything hmmmm….sooothing…..:) Well the Will man has called and needs a ride. That\’s ok. I needed something to do with my time before picking up the Tyrone monster from his Grizzly-bear Daddy\’s. Alright off I go. Hugs and Kisses

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