“Not BABY! I AJ!”

Yeah, not baby alright. sigh. I was looking at him on his bed last night while we were getting PJ’s on and Ho-lee is he ever getting big. I remember when he took up 1/4 of his crib, (although even then, he could take up 2/3 of a king size bed!). Not that I really miss that, he was so fussy and fragile and helpless and leaky when he was tiny. Babies should all start at about 14 months. Maybe even 2 years. No, I was definitely not ever prepared for the Mom thing. Wow, I can talk myself out of anything!
Off he goes to "school" this morning, yakking about all his friends, and I’m totally left behind. Shit, he’s not even in KINDERGARTEN yet, and he’s already let go. Last night I told him to say goodbye to his sippy-cup and throw it in the trash. "Ok, bye sippy-cup" he says and barrels down the hall and chucks it. Just like that. I suppose it’s good that he doesn’t have any attachment issues, it seems I have enough for both of us!

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One Response to “Not BABY! I AJ!”

  1. Katie says:

    Hahaha….ya i guess i will be in the same boat! One day soon….Zander now watch\’s his treehouse in the morning, so when I say goodbye I get a quick wave….the kinda "ya what ever..bye" wave. mmmmm…but i get kisses at lunch, so it weighs out by the end!

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