Ok, the official 2007 Wish List

  • Shoes. Good, comfy, walking or running shoes. Don’t even care if they’re PINK. Need shoes,
  • A puppy. I really want a dog… somebody PLEASE bring me a fucking puppy!
  • New Dishes. Yeah, the mismatched look is totally out this year… and we need to be able to feed more than 5 ppl at a time.
  • New Pots and Pans. Again with the mis-matching, and some of the ones I have are just plain nasty.
  • LCD monitor for my computer would ROCK
  • Chairs… I can’t use Joannes forever, and they totally don’t go with the table… which I guess makes them match the rest of my kitchen stuff!
  • A bigger/better cage for my poor Hedgie. and a wheel. and a Girlfriend for him so I can make baby hedgies.
  • Get my bike fixed so I can ride it.
  • uh, well I’d say I want clothes, except I refuse to buy anything else in this size. I will get skinnier first.(or all my current clothes will disentigrate from over-wear and I’ll have to go naked).

Well, I guess that’s all I can think of at the moment. what I usually do is make this list on paper, and do little doodles on it…

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Look, I'm just awesome ok?
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