YAY! A new plant!

I guess AJ touched something he shouldn’t have at Knapps… he just came and told me his hands were itchy…oops. Well we went and washed them with soapy water and I’ll keep an eye on it. Probably one of those deceivingly "fuzzy" cacti, but I didn’t see him touch any of them. That’s ok, I’ve got benadryl if it gets worse.
In case you haven’t figured it out, we went to Knapps Plantland for our adventure-of-the-day. Aimee got a new plant and some dirt and a pot so she can repot the new one and the one we got her the other day. There’s a whole whack of stuff that I’d love to have from there… but really, some of those pretties really need more know-how than I’ve got. I can do pretty much anything with the typical indoor tropical, but beyond that, I’m kinda in the dark (which isn’t a good place for a nice plant, or so I hear, lol).
But, I feel pretty good today. I might take Sasha out this evening again. That poor Doggie, she’s SO fat it’s sad. I might do 20 minutes on the treadmill anyway though, I sure feel alot better when I have. No Idea what else is happening today. Aimee went home to play in the dirt, and I haven’t heard from Joanne about how the Job interview went. I still have to figure out what to do for supper. I forgot to take anything out. maybe fish-sticks and perogies… mmm that sounds positively DIVINE! hahahahahaha

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