How hard can it be?

 That’s a joke btw.
AJ went with Aimee and Ty to Grama and Grandpa Lindsay’s for supper. Had a BLAST (well a blast only in that way that a boy can have fun with another boy kicking the crap out of eachother), Tyrone looked totally exhausted! haha. This was while we were at the strata council meeting, discussing what to do about the Gigantic Disaster that is our deck situation. I’m not even getting into it here, but for the most part, we’re on our way to some sort of resolution… whether it proves satisfactory or not, we’ll see. That is the least of the excitement. Apparently I am the new strata president. Uhm, don’t ask. Which is fine. I have very little idea what all that involves, but it’s only a temporary position (until June), and if the other residents think my lack of experience means that they can terrorize me, they have another think coming! Like Sam was so tactful in pointing out to everyone, I kicked a man in the throat once!  lol. ok , that’s only sort of funny.
Also today, (yes, on a sunday) I got called about the results of my biopsy, and they weren’t great. I have to get a referral to a Gyno, and have either a Cone Biopsy or a LEEP done. sigh. I’m not too thrilled. Either way, Once that’s done with, that’s the end of it, other than the expected 6 weeks of recovery… ick. I refuse to worry about it.
Not much else new and exciting. I got ABSOLUTELY SQUAT done this weekend in the homework dept. Big test tomorrow… eeek,.

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One Response to How hard can it be?

  1. Aimee says:

    Hey there lady.Yeah Tyrone had a blast with AJ. I\’m glad they had a good time together. Tyrone showered and tried to stay up and watch a movie, but I was having none of that, and he got upstairs and into bed and ended up asleep in 5.2 anyway! I think all the jumping and rough housing really did wear him out a bit, which is a darn miracle for that kid…lol So President hey? Happy Birthday Mrs. President……hee hee You\’ll do a good job, even if you have no idea what that job is…ha ha I\’m sure of it. And as for the results and what is to come, hang in there, it\’ll turn out alright one way or another. And I\’ll be right there along side to make sure. For calling on a bloody Sunday though those nurses and what-not are the ones who should get kicked in the throat….I mean,c\’mon, don\’t be the messenger of bad news on a weekend, not even a Sunday, how dumb. Mondays, Mondays are bad news days anyway. I mean going by the wise and beloved Garfield, yes I consider Garfield wise and who doesn\’t love that cat? Anyway, going by the fat cat himself…Mondays are the worst day of the week and therefore the day that you expect crap anyway. I love ya tons and of course am always here to help make you smile and get ya through. Hugs and Kisses

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