Poo! No Tara!

Not that I didn’t have ANY fun today!

Aimee and I spent most of the day together… we made a dent in the state of her house, fairly significant I’d say, especially as it wasn’t nearly as horrible as she had been telling me it was… Lady, Eating off the floor is TOTALLY overrated! But I made her throw out a whole bunch of crap, and I hollered at her about NOT EMPTYING THE DAMN LINT TRAP LIKE SHE WANTS TO BURN THE WHOLE PLACE DOWN!!!!!! And I taught her how to make coffee with a paperclip and an old shoe. (this is an extremely valuable skill! especially if you’ve broken your caraffe and your friend thinks you meant the canister and didn’t bring her coffee maker over and was all like "hey, where’s the coffee at!?" and you’re like, Uh, well I told you it was broken…). Yup, just wait till I tee you what you can make out of toothpicks and pudding!

Then we went out to the bottle depot, (LADY, I’ll be remembering what you said abotut how long you ARENT going to leave them….), and to Zellers where we were horrified at the price of brown bread- IT WAS MORE THAN A DOLLAR MORE THAN THE WHITE BREAD! WHAT AN OUTRAGE!- then we went to the DMV so Aimee could get her Birth-cert. replaced, and then we went to the new food store where the bowling alley used to be on Main st… some good deals there, kinda like Liquidation world, but most of the food is from North America! and they didn’t have any bread OR milk so we went to Sav-On and got bread and milk and a cookie sheet…And then i came home and tidied up a bit, and put some laundry away… Made tortillas for supper.

So Tara was supposed to be in town today, and she said she was gonna call me…. but I haven’t heard from her 😦 this makes me sad. I like Tara and I miss her…<sniffle>, well, speaking of sniffles, it’s probably for the best since I still have mine and I don’t want to send the Germs back to PG with her and kill all the goats or something with the foreign strain. haha


I’m trying to decide whether to apply at Canadian tire too. like I have 2 and a half more days a week that I could work, and if I’m gonna go back to work, I may as well do it for the money right? Subsidy is only covering us till May, and then I have to be making at LEAST 600 a month, just to cover Daycare… then of course school only goes till the end of May, then I’ve got nothing to do but work… sigh. I don’t know.

Tomorrow hopefully I’ll be feeling well enough for class. I have an assignment due on the 15th that I heven’t done anything beyond the first draft on… and that wasn’t particularly impressive either.

I need to get my ass back on the treadmill, and back on my diet too! The not feeling well thing has kinda put the diet/excersize thing on hold. <sniffle> gah. I HATE SNOT!


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