Why am I still SNIFFLING!

Morning. I woke up FREEZING MY ASS OFF…. somebody had crawled into the middle of the bed and took all the covers. hmm. Nobody seemed particularly interested in waking up, least of all me… I hit the snooze till 10 after 7. Haven’t even bothered making coffee… I’ll buy one at school.
Then I’m off to Aimee’s to do whatever… I suspect that she’s luring me over for some furniture moving or something…. she sounds really innocent!

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One Response to Why am I still SNIFFLING!

  1. Aimee says:

    Hey! I did not lure you over for that….we ended up moving stuff yes..but you brought it up..not me. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Anyway, despite the small bits of moving stuff we did we also have a good time and harrassin the man was the cherry on the top. 🙂

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