Today is my "Day Off", you know, the one where I get to feel guilty if I don’t get ALL the housework done AND whatever else might need doing… Yet here I sit. HAH! I have this totally rhetorical debat going on in my head. like when I’m not actually AT school, but we have to pay for AJ to be at daycare anyway, and Aimee did have a good point last week, No, he isn’t with STRANGERS anymore, he knows everyone there, and it’s good for him… except now he actually spends more time there than he does at home! ***sniffle*** I’m not sure how I feel about that! The thing is, he’s there because it costs the same to have him there for 4 hours a day as it does to have him there for 8 or 9 hours. I think I’m starting to miss my kid! Does anyone here feel really screwed for having to spend alot of time in Daycare as a kid? I wouldn’t know, I never had to go.
Other than that, I’m gonna do some more housework (I have a list), and maybe some homework (I can always do that tonight…) and take some pictures… of what, I have no Idea, but I want to.. and I might even go get AJ early! lol
 Oh, and tomorrow is my "orientation" at Excel. yay.

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  1. Aimee says:

    No, I went to daycare and I don\’t feel robbed or anything by it. In fact I remember it to be a place where I had a lot of fun and played with lots of kids and made good friends. Like I said, yes you need to think of it as he is with other kids which helps him develop social skills both with his speech and with his behaviour and it is really just a fun place for him to go and play. It is not abandonment, especially since he is comfortable with the place and the people. Yeah you\’re gonna miss your kid. That part is natural but enjoy those moments of adult time while you can instead of feeling guilty bout it. Cause when you\’ve got him back and he\’s driving you nuts, you\’ll find yourself saying…."I wish I had a moment to feel like just an ordinairy adult…ahhhh"

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