Proudest Pappy

Lol, look at Bruce, it’s his birthday and look at all the babies he gets. So all of "my" goats except 1 have had their babies now. Nicky and Sugar (they’re how the goat herd got started, we got them and Bruce got addicted!) have had theirs, one each. Thelma and Louise were the 2 that we got last year already pregnant, Thelma has had hers (two boys today actually), Louise has not. Thelma and Louise’s babies from last year have all had theirs now, Tawny (bless her and rest her sweet little soul) had 2 sweet little babies by emergency c-section and got to spend a week living on the porch in the house with her babies before she died of complications. Evelyn (aptly named) has one, and though neither of them are all that "close" She lets it nurse, and gets upset when she cant find the little bugger. If she were a human mom, she’d be the one who left the baby on top of the car and drove away. lol. Janey had one girl, a little clone that they named Ditto. Now that’s just the original goats! (the ones we got while I was still living in PG), I can’t even keep track of the others (the second wave! lol). That leaves Louise to erupt, which she’s due to do any day now.

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