I’m so tired I could cry

My brain is completely mush now. Having to re-learn a whole bunch of sh*t that I ALREADY knew in the first place has caused  cascading   system-malfunction in the mainframe. I’m surprised I can still remember to breathe in and out in the correct order. It’s not like doing Math over, like I never got it the first time around, so I really am starting at square 1 in the school end of things. But the Excel training, that’s just retarded. I coulda re-trained in 2 days.
So, I was all ready to come home and get my Avon stuff organized and my online stuff set up, and I couldn’t read more than a sentence before I can’t remember what I’ve already read. sooo. I give up. I’m going to plant my ass and watch tv and do generally mind numbing stuff. yup, that’s the plan.

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