How come no one ever makes ME Cinnamon Buns!?

On the other hand, I do very much appreciate having people who totally like to do stuff with my kid! lol, One minute he’s climbing up my leg while i’m trying to make Cinnamon buns, and the next, he’s dressed and in the car on his way to the park with Jimmy and Tara! It’s good practice for them! haha….
tee hee.
I think I’ve figured out the real reason for my horrible fatigue, and that is, I’ve hardly excersized at all in the last 2 weeks. The first week i was sick, and the next I’ve been working… So I’ve resolved to do 20 minutes a day for the next week, even though I still have to work, and see whether that makes a difference (I know it will).
My house is still horribly messy. I got the kitchen in hand and thenstarted baking… not the best plan. Whatever, we need bread, and the boys need snacks for the week… back to it then…

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One Response to How come no one ever makes ME Cinnamon Buns!?

  1. Aimee says:

    Well we all have the battle of the housework and things that never quite stop piling up. And getting some time to not be a jungle gym is always welcomed ha ha….tyrone is seven and still treats me as a jungle gym so I\’m sure you\’ve noticed! Gotta love the ones that will steal em for a moment, whether it is for the benefit of cinnamon buns or not. ha ha ha jk
    Anyway, when you have a moment that isn\’t too busy you should give me a call. I have more news in the world of Aimee. Always a rollercoaster of excitment I tell ya. ha ha Love ya hugs and kisses to AJ and the bear….and make sure they give you the biggest hugs and kisses of all.

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