What City and Kiss My Arse Please!

HAHAHHAHAHAHHAH, I feel soooo on the edge of losing my sanity, like I’m pretty sure that at some point I had thought ‘Id rather sell my body than work at excel again" Yet here I go, I havent ever made a penny on the streets, and I’m about to go plug in my headset once again….
What the hell is WRONG WITH ME!?!?!?
Other than that, in case anyone wants to know, my schedule for the near future is
Monday- School 8:30 to 2:30…Work from 4-8 pm
Tuesday- same
Wednesday- No school… work from 4-8pm
Thursday- School 8:30 to 2:30… No work
Friday –  School 8:30 to 12:00… No work
Saturday-Work 6am to 2:30
Sunday- Hey, of God gets a day, so do I!
Anyhoo, the school semester is over at the end of may, so other than holiday weekends and that shazz, my shcedule will be the same… Unless I take extra hours at work. .
Oh, and We WHOMPED Slack’s Lizards in our first game of the season! 12-6! GO Little Electrics! (not my idea for the name!).

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Look, I'm just awesome ok?
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