Sleep, School, Work, Repeat…

I think I’m finally OFFICIALLY "caught up" in English. I handed in 3 overdue assignments, and I’ve got my fingers crossed, as I had no chance to hand in drafts like usual, so here’s hoping they’re fit to mark.
Started on Proportions in math… not too sure what I think of that, I certainly wasn’t catching on like I had been, this is actually a little more complicated.  I’m by no means discouraged… just looking froward to when the light comes on!
Work. Well, it’s hard NOT to get annoyed with stupid people. Especially when they’re being nasty to ME because they’re stupid! I tell you wha’ about Sooouthana’s tho’, they shoore kno’ whea theyr Chikkin’s at! GAAAAAHAHHAHAHAHAH! Ok, now I feel a little better.
Went  for a good walk today- I really wasn’t into the treadmill, it was just WAY too nice out, so I walked over to the Okanagan Bakery for bread, LAUGHED because I don’t need to spend all my money on Cigarettes anymore (seriously, everyone should just quit!), then I wandered over to Liquidation World and got some vinyl wall stickers for AJ- BOB THE BUILDER! only 3.99! how cool is that!? he loves them, and I feel less guilty (well I didn’t really feel bad) about doing nothing for Easter.  Eventually I’m sure I’ll have to explain all about the Hellidays, and what they mean for the retail industry, but in the meantime, I’m happy to give my kid stuff WHENEVER for no reason other than I have some extra cash, instead of tapping out on the big chocolate-fests through the year… I know, I’m such a freak, maybe even a Hater, but can  you blame me?
Oh, lets see… what else… oh, yep, I put up some shelves (thank you SO MUCH Judy) in the office, for books and bins and whatever, and I adopted an orphaned desk (if you could see the color, you would totally understand how it came to be aborted behind the dumpster), it’s sturdy and I can put stuff in it, and since I’m pretty much the only one who uses the office, I guess it doesnt really matter what it looks like! so there.
Ok, well, I type for a living now, so I’m a little weary of the keyboard and screen, now I’m gonna go watch House and make lunches and go to bed so I can start all over again in the morning.

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One Response to Sleep, School, Work, Repeat…

  1. Aimee says:

    The blue is bad, but not the worst I\’ve seen…ha ha not worse than the blue I\’ve had to wear either….oops hope she doesn\’t visit your page and see that..ha ha Anyway, sometimes it\’s good to by-pass certain holidays that are just overdone for no reason. I mean Easter came around really for religious reasons so what does the bunny and chocolate have to do with that? I do it anyway of course because I like the egg hunt and the chocloate, but that\’s just a preference. There are lots of holidays I believe are simply overdone. Valentine\’s for one. I always feel like crap over Valentine\’s Day, no matter how I try to ignore it\’s that holiday the radio, everyone keeps shoving that one in our faces. Even when I had someone to ring the holiday in with I felt it was over-rated. I mean, I still wanted my signifigant other to say they loved me and I was special on that day just like any other girl, but I am one of those who thinks they should tell the person they care about that they care about them everyday…why is one day supposed to be more special than another? And if you are single it just makes you feel more single. No matter how many times that holiday goes by and I find myself single I still feel a small twinge of "ouch". This one was the worst by far of the recent Valentine\’s. But I can see how Easter puts a lot of pressure on parents for no reason. I got upset that it was my parents supplying the bunny-ism and not myself. This is unfortunately the second year that the bunny-ism has had to be supplied for me because of crappy finances. If it wasn\’t so much fun to see his face light up with the excitement of an easter egg hunt I probably wouldn\’t have done much or made much of a deal about it. Those crafty industries I tell ya. They get the kids and the kids get us….lol Oh well….

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