Mumble Grumble

I always feel just a little bit insane this early in the morning. My body is up and going through the motions, but my mind continues to insist "this isn’t happening, it’s all your imagination, you’re just dreamng". I woke up this morning, with the remnants of a very bizarre dream going around in my head. I was trying to work out "What would I need to take with me if I wanted to walk to Prince George". Yep, from Penticton. Walking. To PG. No, I wasn’t actually doing it (in the dream) but it seemed important for some reason to know. Just in case. Maybe it was my warped and damaged subconcious reacting to the rise in gas prices…
Hmm, see if I can remember…
  • Water
  • boots
  • extra socks
  • toilet paper
  • first aid
  • food
  • tarp
  • tent poles
  • sleeping bag
  • flashlight and extra batteries
  • uh, underpants, lol
  • hat
  • jacket
  • orange cat (yes, this was important)
  • knife (no this has nothing to do with the cat you freaks)

I’m sure there was more, but there couldn’t have been much, as I would have had to carry all this. Gee, that’s an awful long way to walk. I can do 3 miles an hour- but that’s really hoofing it, and I can’t see keeping that up for long. Maybe I was going to ride the cat when I got tired.

mmmm. coffee… ok, now that I’ve made clear to you all how very, very strange I am…. I’ll be getting ready for work now.


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One Response to Mumble Grumble

  1. Aimee says:

    You are strange but that\’s why we love you. Thanks for the comment on Tyrone\’s day…I hope we figure out what the bother is and that it will all be ok in the end. I\’m glad in the case of his father that I didn\’t take too much of what he\’s said when he called late at night to heart. He just referred to his ring finger earlier as the useless finger and stated that it would never again be used for that and might just get a ring on it that said hell no. I replied it waqsn\’t the marriage it was the woman he married, but he stated none of the people he knows who are married are happy married. That it starts out okay and then just goes to crap. So much for asking me if I ever would think about marrying him hey? Oh well. He\’s even more confusing the further along we go. When Leo was here we went to Petty\’s and hung out with everyone, at which point Leo assumed we were officially back together and stated how happy he was to see us together and that we just had to go thruogh this time to test our love for eachother and so on. Josh not only didn\’t correct him, but replied that going through the wrong one made him appreciate even more the right on and so on. It was nice to hear, but again they were all drinking again so who knows if what Josh was saying had any substantial meaning. I know that Leo was ernest in his observations and feelings because he states such things to me sober, but I am very confused about the man in question. He acted like we were a couple all night. And yesterday after Leo left he and Alex came over to the house, which is why I never got the chance to get away to Tyler\’s birthday…felt crummy bout that but I don\’t want to turn down any family time we spend at this point because I figure it can only do good…I hope. And for the first time he and Alex slept over. Normally we make sure he is back at his house with Alex for bedtime because I wasn\’t sure if either of them were comfortable with her sleeping over at mine, but he insisted so… He did sleep the night beside her in Tyrone\’s room, which was not his first intention, nor a problem, but he fell asleep there so I left him. So Tyrone decided instead of bunking up top, he\’d bunk with me. At one point Daddy got up to go to the bathroom and came in the room, but Ty was in his spot, so he returned back to Ty\’s room to sleep beside Alex again. He pouted a little this morning that he didn\’t sleep as well. I think he might have been a little jealous that Ty took his spot and got to sleep well. What I don\’t get is that he can act like we are together, not correct family members when they assume we are together, he can randomly make statements about deciding whether or not to move in with me and stuff, but then will make blank statements about never marrying and how "we come into this world alone and will leave it alone", like he never plans to be with someone again. I just don\’t know what to think at this point and find it\’s probably better I try not to. I\’ll drive myself up the wall I know it. Oh well, we\’ll see what the future brings I guess.

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