YAY! Something off the list!

I gots some NEW SHOOOOOS!
Lol, had a good weekend… the best kind- the money-spending-on-stuff-we-cant-afford kind. Mommy and AJ got new shoes, (no, they don’t match), mine are extra comfy… AJ got LIGHT UP Thomas runnners AND LIGHT UP Thomas SANDALS! AND FISHES! He named them "Toby and Mavis" At first, Sam and I thought he said George and Mavis and we LAUGHED (George is Sam’s boss and Mavis is George’s wife) And were calling them Mr and Mrs LITTLE fish (Because Georges last name is LITTLE) and we laughed some more (ok, I thought it was WAY funnier than Sam, but only because he thinks that George’s grumpiness is somehow related to how much I pick on him…. hmm… But Yeah, their names are TOBY and Mavis, pictures will come soon…
I gotta go to school… ttyl

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