What would you do with a 3 legged goat?

So Gramma Goat had her babies, FINALLY, there were three of them, and i think that they were in there so long that one of them ate the other one’s leg. No kidding, one of the girls was born missing a rear leg. Haha, I said "kidding" (that’s a goat pun). Uh, other than that… Nanny and Elijah are back from Disneyland…. Brats! Like "Hey, wanna go to Disneyland? Ok, get your shoes on and i’ll start the car". Don’t mind me, it’s just that now Sam’s got Disnayland on the brain AGAIN and the poor bugger ended up with a wife that HATES traveling.
I am so freaking tired. I wish I could go to sleep for a week. Only another month though, and then school is done for the semester…. then I only have to worry about work. In the meantime, there’s Aimees baby-shower and the impending eruption of the belly, and then there’s Jim and Tara’s wedding… I’ve decided that it would probably be better if that were a "dry" celebration for me… Anyone who knows me and knows the guest list, and knows what happens when I drink around certain ppl…. Yeh, it’s my brother’s wedding, and I intend to not get in a fistfight with anyone… Poor Jimmy. Anyhoo… I’m gonna finish my miniwheats and go back to having my nap (yes, it’s a 2 parter)…. then I will go pick up my kid early cause it’s thursday and I can… then we will go play down the street with Harleen and Harjas… then Auntie Tara is coming cause we have Baseball…
Oh, and does anybody want a cat? Especially if you don’t like your neighbors, this ones awesome. He’s 12 years old, answers to the name of Moses and is soon to discover that USING MY FLOWERBED FOR A TOILET IS HAZARDOUS TO HIS HEALTH. I actually left a note for my neighbor, I was even really nice about it, it says "Mr Kitty needs a Litterbox instead of using my yard". That’s all, oh, and a smiley face. She seems not to realise that since he is mostly outside, that he has to go somewhere, and of course, why would he go in his own yard, that would start to smell! We shall see…. otherwise, the cat is going to get relocated. in a sack. to the lake. I am so annoyed that it has inspired a Haiku… (Or in sparkytheduckland, we call them Quacku’s)
shitting in my yard.
I’d rather have a 3 legged goat.
not even a CUTE cat.

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