Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Another Item off the Big Wish List!
So, Yesterday, I was on my way from the bank to the thrift store (Yeah, that’s the purse thing), and Lindsay’s mom (who works at the bank) Says "hey, I’ve got a bunch of stuff in my trunk that needs to go to WINGS, and there’s some purses and some clothes you might like. You can have whatever if you don’t mind taking the rest of it to the store". Man, did I ever hit jackpot, I got 2 purses that i like, and a pile of much needed (girl) shirts! Don’t get excited, they’re mostly just plain t’s, but they aren’t Sam’s and that’s what counts…
Anyway, today, I picked up Aimee and took her with me to WINGS (can you beleive she’d never been there?); just as we were arriving, there was a guy loading some chairs into a Gerard’s Furniture truck (taking it to the used furniture graveyard I guess). Jokingly I said "Hey, I want those!" and the WINGS lady said "If you take them now, you can have them, there’s 5 and a table if you want that too" I pointed to the truck and said Help me load up!
I could’nt beleive my luck. The chairs are sturdy, well made and fairly fasionable in a retro- kinda way, and the table is solid and came with 2 leaves. FINALLY WE CAN FEED MORE THAN 3 People around the table AND they can sit on something! lol. I still can’t get over it. FREE! (Like it’s not like they’re new, or even all that special, but furniture of any sort is a little beyond our budget, so I was just content to make do… and dream. lol)
Also, I got some baking pans and racks for a good deal, and Aimee got some really nice soft comfy jammies to take to the hospital. All round good score.
I’ll post pictures of table and chairs later.

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