Ok, who rocks!

I do! that’s who.
But that’s for another bend entirely. So, Today I got all Aimee’s e-mail invitations EMAILED! I’m so impressed with myself. Oh, and you all need to start buying my AVON. I’m giving free hand treatments and painting nails (when my dryer/soaker comes). I’m celebrating my 1st "from work" customer order and my 1st "from school" order. Like I might even make 20 bucks this month! lol.
I promised myself that I would expend only MINIMAL energy on the whole AVON thing. I really don’t have the time or oomf to do a big sales thing, so I take my inspiration in spurts.
Ahh-Soo! The Quacku is also and maybe even moreso Senryu!
Ah-So Quacku
Poo, that is crap
ha-ha silly duck!

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Look, I'm just awesome ok?
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