MMMMM MSG Poisoning

Oh, how Wonerfur
 It’s Better than smoking drug!
Eating Chinee Foo!
We totally gorged on Chinese last night. I was so stuffed on prawns I felt high. Deep fied prawns should be a controlled substance. Too much can put you in a coma!So of course we ate too much, and too soon before bed, so I had those odd "I overate right before bed" dreams that are silly and make no sense. Also, I apparently turned off my alarm this morning, and Sam woke me up when his went off. "Are you going to schood today?" he says, and I say "GAH?! Whaglrfrkin oh, hmmfaaack". Which means "Oh, shit, what happened to my alarm" (Usually it’s the little people from the Neder’s that come and shut it off… but I don’t tell people that in case they think I’m insane"…
Oh well. Off to skool 2 lern sumthin

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