YAY! Backyard is open for the season

Cam and Jimmy and Tara and Aimee were here today, and while I’m not sure Aimee ever went in the backyard, we had a BBQ and ate food and drank drinks and had visiting and sunshine and it was lotsa good fun. The Backyard is officcially open for summer! (I even made sure there was no poop in the grass- Montana cleaned the cat poo out of the garden! lol). So I’m just finishing my 2nd helping of cake. I skipped out on Mcdonalds, so I don’t feel any guiltier about pigging out on cake than I would have eating gutbombs! I am SOOO tired. Must needs sleeeeeeeep tonight!… Baseball tomorrow, and not likely I’ll have any damn homework done… well. whatever. School’s almost over for the semester. Summer means more money. and that’s about it.

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One Response to YAY! Backyard is open for the season

  1. Aimee says:

    Ahhh I can\’t believe that you actually took of picture of me that day! Now that was just cruel…lol Yes people I was present and accounted for at the bbq, although no I did not venture further than the door to the backyard and then quickly retreated upstairs, where I hid as you can tell from the picture for the remainder of the evening until of course the beloved cake came about. She\’s right about the gutbombs though…ugh that did not feel good. Cake made it better, much better.

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