Another Day at the Grind

Yeh, so far all I’ve done today is get up (late again) make coffee, kick boys out to work/school… I managed to paint some goo on my face, and leave to have coffee with Lindsay, and now I sit and wait till it’s time to pick Ty up.  I have absolutely ZERO inclination to do anything today. I’m supposed to try to get e-time so I can make the game tonight, but I really could’nt care less… for many, many reasons that I won’t go into. I’d rather stay and talk to stupid people for money. mmmmmmmmm….moneeeeeeeeeey……….I like money.
Oh, did some homework too. Like a few paragraphs on the BIG RESEARCH ESSAY that I have NO interest in… I think I’ll leave it to the last-possible-moment, I seem to get my best marks when I’m in a that’s sad.
Other than that, I’m home and taking calls if anyone is interested… 

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One Response to Another Day at the Grind

  1. Aimee says:

    Hey now now not nothing…you also among those other things, talked to me. Ha ha

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