PinkEye and Cool Mom

Well other than the general upset to my ‘Plan to do more nothing’ day, we’re moving along smoothly. We went and spent out 12.90 hard saved Canadian Tire money at the garden center, and with it got some dirt (which i still have a hard time with the idea of buying it…. it’s DIRT for chrissakes!) cause the stuff in our yard is pretty dusty and is now full of CAT SHIT. OOOOh Montana! I have treeeeets for you!
And some 77 cent geraniums, and some pots to put them in and some free pots for the popcorn that AJ grew at school…. Popcorn! Who knew you could grow that? lol
Heh, and now that we’ve eaten and gone adventuring and done some coloring and I suppose I should take something out to feed the heathens with tonight… I’ll have to leave ‘structions for Tara, cause God knows Sam can’t figure out Shake and Bake all by himself…
Maybe I’ll do some more of my wretched essay. GAH.
I’m hoping that this summer life will settle into some semblance of a routine… at least one that’s a little easier to manage than the mayhem that we’ve had since January. geez.

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