There’s always Cake in Baseball; it’s a RULE

Wow, was I ever great last night! Tee hee. We played "No Bull", they’re the no.1 team this season, and although we didn’t win, they confessed that we were the first team so far that was worth coming out to play. They haven’t lost one yet. Our score was 14-10 for No Bull. I managed to actually HIT THE BALL far enough to make 1st base TWICE! YAY! (For me that’s pretty good). Sam and Tyler decided that I should try to play 2nd base instead of rover, since I can catch fine but can’t run… I think i did pretty good… it was a little hairy, cause a) I still don’t know what the hell I’m doing half the time, and b)I’m not just in the field watching for a ball, I’m on a base watching for runners, and the ball comes from more than one direction… eeeeek. Oh, and i fell down a couple times. tee hee… nothing serious, but still impressive… Yeah, I’m a little smug, it was by far MY best game this season*******************************************************
Today we’re going to Vernon! It’s Tara’s Bachelorette\Bridal Shower!!! ARRRIBA! Heh heh… I promised myself that I would behave, not be a total idiot and drink till I’m on my face… Actually, If there’s a tolerable alternative, I probably won’t drink at all. So there. I really can’t stand the thought of being hung over like that… Besides we’re supposed to have a game on Sunday at 4, and presuming we make it back in time, I’m not playing with the head-pounding-wanna-vomit-after drinking-shakes. Well, I should go see if I can get Judy and/or Gerard to commit to backup, in case Tara and I aren’t back in time for the game tomorrow… And I think I might take some advil… apparently I can still do the splits… doesn’t mean I SHOULD… tee hee.

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One Response to There’s always Cake in Baseball; it’s a RULE

  1. Aimee says:

    Wow! Baseball superstar! You rock honey. Feel proud, No Bull was a tough, tough competitor. You guys must have done awesome to have them make that comment. Good show. And I don\’t even think people who can do splits for a living should…something just not right about that….lol Anyway, have a good time in Vernon, and I\’m coming home baby… but of course will have to wait to see you. Ty has had a rough one of it, with me being gone, so time with him is first and foremost. Which all works out anyway with you going to margarita-ville…if you do have one…have one for me. 🙂 Love ya, have fun, talk to you when you get back.

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