Welcome Home?

Well, I had a great time at Tara’s Stagette, we all did. I stayed sober (had a total of 5 drinks thru the entire day), which was a bonus, I wasn’t interested in having a hangover… I’m wondering though, how many of our baseball team were in that very condition… We got our asses whupped on Sunday afternoon. It was depressing. Oh well, there’s more to life than baseball, and even without, there’s still cake.
Last night was just a tad bit more exciting than we had all bargained for. We have a dear friend in the hospital; the result of a very extreme cry for help. I don’t know whether we missed the earlier signs, or maybe she thought to make sure she had our attention of the starting line, but if she doesnt know who cares about her now, then I don’t know any other way we can show her.
This weekend was neither peaceful nor restful for any of us it seems. Sam and AJ are both on antibiotics for infections, and it looks like I’m not too far behind. Unfortunately, neither of us can afford to take the time off work to just BE sick, so recovery will have to take as long as it takes. I already have my English instructor calling me and e-mailing me incessantly… do you have an outline? did you read chapters such and such? are you coming in tomorrow? No, Yes and Maybe… Crap. I’m too tired to care.
It was a hellova spring for us… All the "Want to’s " are on hold for the "Have to’s", and it looks like it might stay that way for a while.

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