Guh, The snot just keeps coming!

The last time I was sick like this was back in January. This time, I got antibiotics! Last time I suffered bravely and quietly; this time I’m whining and wailing and squeezing every last drop of ice cream out of it that I can!  HA
Not like I have any appetite anyway… and my back is KILLING ME! Oddly enough, that seems to be the symptom of the year, every time I’ve started coming down with a bug, my neck would start bothering me… now it’s right between my shoulderblades, and it’s DRIVING ME NUTS!.
Ok, enough about that.
Off to school I go- hopefully I’ll infect that B*otch (no names here) and she’ll have to stay home for the rest of the semester. If she gets on my nerves today, I’ll tell on her! Seriously! lol. I totally pulled a switch on my big essay. I had started it on one topic and was getting absolutely nowhere with it. So I pulled another idea out of my big jiggly (HAT) and was actually able to form an outline on it. Now if only I wasnt dying of the SARS. lol, I forgot, I was done complaining about it, I swear!
In case any of you are anxious to see, I will post pics of Tara’s Shower, but not before she sees them and approves them for public viewing. So no, you won’t be seeing her naked bum. Get over it. ( I love you Tara).
And finally for this morning…
J-Bear- I hope you woke up to the sunshine this morning and decided you were happy to be with us still. I’m sorry that you ever felt so alone and frustrated that you would consider hurting yourself a solution. I cannot pretend to understand your feelings about (him) and your relationship with him, but I can understand and relate well to the hopelesness and desperation that can lead to that dark place. There are other ways to deal with your pain, and I hope you discover something that works for you. For now, rest, deal with your anger, and when you are home and ready for your friends, we will be waiting.

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One Response to Guh, The snot just keeps coming!

  1. Aimee says:

    Ugh I\’m sorry you are so ill my dear..being sick is no fun, no fun at all. I am sitting here in your place, while you hopefully gain some healing rest upstairs all snoozy, and I send my healing vibes your way. Heal the Lish, heal her…hommmmmmm. Yes I\’m a twit, but you love me this way… 🙂 It\’s amazing sometimes what human beings can withstand. The thresh-hold of pain they have. Physically, mentally (for those lucky ones) and emotionally. I am and never really have been, it seems, one of the lucky high mental thresh-hold people, only giving a half laugh concerning that statement…if I were I would not have put myself through the abuses I did, or treated myself in the manner I did, and I of course, hope to keep the vow of never treating myself that way again. But somehow have still managed to fall back on what little emotional strength I have been able to squander, and keep moving. I look at it all though and even though there is so much pain in life, even though we, myself included, stumble and fall at times, yes, no one is perfect, we manage to pick ourselves off the ground and continue on. Which may not seem like an amazing feat to some, but it is, managing to survive what others may find trivial, until perhaps actually faced with it, is amazing. I believe that those that have stumbled, have fallen, have had to scrape themselves and their pride off the ground, at one time or another are actually the stronger of the lot. They have faced their demons, they have broken to pieces and rebuilt themselves. That is a much harder feat than someone who has never had to do something like that, or go through something like that. We have been weighed and tested. We know what we are made of, what we can recover from, what we can rise above. For all those who know what it is to fall, to crumble, to break and are struggling to survive or have finally made their way back from that place, YOU ARE STRONG, YOU ARE AMAZING, DON\’T EVER GIVE UP.  

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