It lurks in the corner and under the bed…

It hides under laundry, it likes to play dead.
Just when you think, that you’ve beaten it cold,
BAM! You’ve got PINKEYE, now you’ve been told!
Yeah, so I pulled a research essay out of my arse this morning, squinting as best as I could through my blurry contaminated corneas.  Then a quick visit with Aimee- who I did warn about the germs- and off to work by noon. Have to make up the hours I missed last week… Which SUCKS royally, being as I feel worse this week than I did last week! Oh well… I’ve got a bottle of $4.25 safeway cold pills to comfort my woes until I’m better. Here’s hoping I don’t give it back to AJ. Wheezy little bugger.

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Look, I'm just awesome ok?
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