So, I think I might actually be feeling BETTER today! I spent the first few hours of last night hacking and coughing…. however, the greenies seem to be gone, and today I can swallow without whimpering AND partially breathe through my nose! I can’t beleive I got that sick. I figure it was a combination of a good germ or two (obviously) and the fact that I was getting a little run down and frazzled. It seems that while I am perfectly capable of being a great mom, a proper wife, a star student and a decent employee, trying to do ALL of it at the same time was a little more than I could handle. The housework was suffering, I hardly got to see my husband or my son, only the bare minimum of schoolwork was getting completed and work, well, I still don’t gove a damn about my job, but that’ll probably save my ass in the long run. I write my English exam tomorrow… I have no doubt that I’ll do well. I finally finished my research essay, and after a little editing seems fit to mark. I have to admit, I’m more than a little releived to be done for the summer. I can work, make money and take care of my boys, and just maybe SPEND SOME TIME WITH MY FRIENDS! I MISS YOU GUYS! Geez. What an insane spring!

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