I can’t beleive it.

This is officially "Day 15" of the cold. I still have snot, I still have eye goopies, I still have sore throat, and I still have cough. This is unreasonable. Maybe it’s Mono. Haha, at least I could do something about that! I know, I know; it’s a cold, and it will take as long as it takes… but 2 weeks is downright silly! I must say, I am better, better than I was last week, but not all the way better. It sucks.
To top it all off, apparently the universe has decided that I shall not have bread this week. I lost an entire batch of bread because the bottom burner in the oven decided not to come on. 35 minutes, I take it out cause it’s all nice and brown and "hollow sounding" on top, and I go to flip it out of the pan and the bottom is TOTALLY FU**ING RAW. Like still gooey- that raw. I could have SCREAMED.
On the upside, I defninitely have more things to be happy about this last couple weeks than I have to bitch about…
 Yesterday we went to Pete Mackennzies wedding (Sam works with Pete), the ceremony was held on the beach at Lake Okanagan Resort, and the reception held in one of the main ballrooms. It was pretty and tasteful and well put together, the guys all gorged themselves on roast lamb, and the girls stole the very tasty roasted veggies off the guys’ plates. The kids all got chicken strips and fries, and were REMARKABLY well behaved through the whole event, even little Gracie, who’s just 2 managed to carry her protest out quietly, all she wanted was to sit and play in the sand while the grownups sat in the stuffy chairs and listened to more grownups ramble on. I could totally relate to her.
Saturday was full of more friends and cake; Sam’s Birthday BBQ went over well. There was enough food and space for everyone, and even the kids managed to survive the event, with only one accidental black eye (Sorry Ciara, hope that did’t bruise). Thanks everyone for coming! You all rock. Sam got the longest birthday of us all this year; his actual birthday was thursday, for which he got nookie for breakfast, the guys at work bought him lunch, and I can’t remember what we did for dinner… then the BBQ on saturday, and yesterday I made him eggs Benny for dinner (we didn’t have time for breakfast). Spoiled.
Friday was my last day for school, I wrote my english test, and find out on wendesday this week what my final mark is. I am releived to be done for the summer, but a little sad… I really enjoyed being back in school, and having Janet for an instructor was a real treat. Some of the ppl in my class weren’t so cool, but what do you expect. I’m fairly sure that I finished somewhere in the 80’s, and had I not missed so much, I might have done better, but I’m really not worried.
Now the dilemma is all to do with work. I really don’t want to work full time at Excel… I certainly don’t mind taking an extra shift here and there, but I’m not willing to double it all the way. I’ll kill someone. So, the other possibility is to pick up another part time job, at least for the summer (see it’s not the working full time that I don’t want to do, it’s the working 1 full time job…. same place for 8 hours a day every day…. GAH).. of course, the other possibility is to stop working entirely and have AJ out of daycare for the summer…. uh, I don’t know about that… OR I could keep working, and find someone for the hour and a half that I’m at work before Sam gets home… Gah. I don’t know.  I would feel alot better about Tara’s offer to watch AJ if their life was a little more settled… like a place to live and all that…
I Just don’t know.
In the meantime and for the most part, life is just ok for now. There’s another wedding in the works (That’s Jimmy and Tara), and a baby on the way (YAY AIMEE!), and the flowers in my backyard are starting to bloom… yep. I can’t rally complain.

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One Response to I can’t beleive it.

  1. Aimee says:

    Despite the cold you\’re enduring things sure have been exciting and cool. Sam bbq was awesome, I had a lot of fun, and sorry Sierra yes for the eye incident, Ty felt bad. It was after all an accident. Which is surprising since all the other injuries the kids came down with one by one usually weren\’t…lol Kids will be kids…ha ha. but it was good food and great company and I think everyone had a blast, I know Josh, Alex, Ty and I did. Alex I don\’t think is used to a large gaggle of kids except at other hers or her friends birthday parties, she was so tuckered out that only a little while after we got home she passed out on the couch Josh said! ha ha I of course had to run off to kareoke for my Mom. Yay….loads of sarcasm there….:) But anything for Mom on her birthday. And other than the thirty to forty minute wait for the guy to set it all up and get it all working finally, it was quite the quick and painless quest. I sang one, my Grandpa Roy sang one and then we turned in for the night. I got my Mom a birthday dessert for free…cheesecake with a huge and I mean huge dollap of whipped cream on the side which my brother Joel scooped half up on his first try. Mom decided to share, lost half her whipped cream, but I don\’t think she complained at all…. ha ha And as for your decision making my dear, if you do decide to go the just be off for the summer route, I will be around to help keep you sane and since I am off as well we can take the kids to do stuff that will hopefully keep your beloved AJ from climbing too far up your butt on a regular basis…hee hee We\’ll swap your butt for Tyrone\’s…I know bad mommy to sacrifice my son, but he\’s resilient…giggle giggle. Anyway, loves and kisses and hope that you feel better soon.

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