New Bed…

So Sam and I got a new bed. Officially it is the Sleigh Bed from the loft at Eden House, and was once Sam and Gloria’s… but that’s not the point. It’s pretty, it’s OFF THE FLOOR and is it EVER COMFY. The only problem is… Sam and I have been sharing a King Size bed for nearly 4 years… meaning we could actually go the whole night without actually having to touch eachother. I liked that. lol… So, last night was a bit of an adventure; I slept with a knee in Sam’s back and an elbow at about head height, and he clung for dear life to the far edge…. yep, I not so good with the sharing bit.
Anyway, it’s off to work I go… Slave away at the grind (which I would actually rather do than play baseball!) heh heh.

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