Bloody Birdies and their Effing Chirp-Chirping

I did not sleep well last night. In fact, I was awake to notice that it starts to get light out at about 4am now. Did you know that? And at about the same time as it starts to get light, the zillions of happy fu**ing little birdies begin to sing. "Good Morning! It’s DAYTIME! I’m awake, are you?" That’s what I think they’re saying. If i could have morphed into anything at that moment, it would have been a Flying- Chickadee-Eating-Stealth-Lizard. Or something mean like that. And I would have gone out there and left the little buggers teetering on the brink of extinction. Can you imagine? Chicadees an endangered species? I would have done it! I’m not kidding. Yes, I think I’m a little cranky.

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