Monkeys and the bed and blah blah bla

OK, so I’ve been a little preoccupied with the Facebook Devil, but here I am with the latest…
So, I’m still sick! SURPRISE! But still functioning… AJ had his first real trip to the Emeregency Room on Sunday, he fell off the bed and broke his arm! Poor little bugger. He got a cast and everything, thankfully it wasn’t a serious break, and he should be able to get the cast off in about 2 weeks. I was worried that he would have to have it o for 6 weeks, but that’s just for us slow healing grownups apparently.
Schools out, and we’ve decided that Sam will change to summer hours at work so he can be home before i leave for my job, and that saves us 600 bucks a month in Daycare costs. That also means that I’m a full time Mommy again! EEEEK! Shit, he’s been all nice and entertained for months, and now he’s stuck home with boring old mom! It’s gonna be a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG summer.
Ball Season is just about over, thank god. That was one of those "well it seemed like a good Idea at the time…." kind of things. Sam really enjoys it, but sports are just plain dangerous.
Jimmy and Tara’s wedding is coming up soon… eeek, that means I have to find something to wear…
Aimee’s Baby is coming soon… and that means we all have to find something to cover up what we’re wearing! lol…
Other than that.. I guess there isnt all that much going on…
I’ll have new pics up soon (like tonight) in the mean time, I have to go back to scrubbing floors and such; the house is totally disgusting. You’re welcome to come help me clean! Anyone! Really!

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