I guess I should write something here

Jimmy’s wedding went well… wow, it was a week ago already. Yay! I got a new seester! lol. Other than a few of Jim’s "friends" who were drunk and acting like jerks at the reception, everyone had a great time. Everyone loved the cake, and thought it tasted as good as it looks…
And Just For You Sam, I’m going to start coloring EVERYTHING you drink PINK! PIIINNNNK! hahahahahahhahhahahaha.
In the meantime, I seem to have met and exceeded the maximum allowable level of sleep deprivation for a lifetime. I am sooo bloody tired I could cry. And I’ve been so bloody busy! I was so excited to be out of school for the summer so I could catch up on my reading, spend time with my kid… clean the damn house… instead I’m either running my arse off or in a coma. there seems to be no in between.
Aimee’s Baby is hopefully going to come soon (I’ve got money on a screamer, lol), and then we can spend the resto of the summer adjusting, settlling into a routine and just chillaxin’. It should all start going smoothly just in time for the fall to come and school to start again. sigh.
So that’s about all the excitement for the moment…

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