Boys are mostly just assholes.

Like my brother for instance. How dare he make a comment about my parenting! or my size. that little fucker better look behind him. And then he has the nerve to be all "oh dont leave mad" well I’ll just leave cold. and he can go to hell.
as for the rest of life at the moment (and why I’m bothering to write it here, I’m not sure)… I had a nice birthday, got a totally cool HP PDA from Dad, and a nice iron Kettle from Nanny and some gorgeous enamel bowls from Tara- they are the same blue as my kitchen-aid… I got to see Anna this weekend, we’re all Un-estranged now, it’s nice to have a little of our family back, it’s been a long few years for all of us that way. She got to see AJ and spoil him with some cool goodies… he’s got a water/sand play table, a new "Scoop" toy and some nice new duds, and he calls her Antie Nana… it’s very cute..
Work is work… I’m now officially making 1.10 more an hour to do significantly less work! lol. Now I’m International Directory, so I get to "assist" callers with dialing international operators, or in some cases searching our DB for listings (depends on the country…) and my shift got moved to acommodate my family life a little more. Now I don’t start til 6, which means I can do dinner with the boys at least on most nights, and Sam isn’t having to rush to get home- as it was, I was ending up late anyway. Now it should go alot more smoothly.
I’m a little overdue to upload photos- Aimee has a beautiful Baby Girl "Aleigha Louise", and I had the chance to spend some of the first few days with them, getting the Momma settled in with the Baby, and all that.
anyhow, it’s been a long day, and I’m still pretty pissed at Jim..

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