Ok, so facebook sucks…

 Reasons why Facebook Sucks
  1. They steal your personal information and share it with 3rd party sites.
  2. They don’t have anywhere to blog properly, other than the walls.
  3. You can only upload 60 photos per album (but again, once theyre uploaded, you no longer are the sole proprietor of the rights of thos photos… just wait till you see your kid on a cereal adverisement sometime…)…
  4. You’re out there for ANYONE TO FIND! Like as much as I love hunting ppl down, I know there are some ppl who have tried to add me that I’m like WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING TRACY I DON’T WANT TO BE YOUR FACEBOOK FRIEND!, but then you add them anyway just so you can keep track of how much their lives suck and giggle behind their back…
  5. Those bloody add-ons! Especially the ones that try to "invite" your "friends" EVERY time you try to use them…

among other things, the simple fact that they ask for your e-mail password to check for friends, thats just stupid.

So if any of you happen to stop by here… HI! and if you’re looking for a particular photo that I had on there, I probably have it here or can get it to you if you ask.


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2 Responses to Ok, so facebook sucks…

  1. Katie says:

    Yes, the add-ons can be a pain. r the photo\’s really up for grabs?! If so I may be taking off some of mine. thats crazy. 

  2. Sparky says:

    Hmm, let me see if I can find the flash video about it… it\’s a little "look over your shoulder" paranoid, but if any of it\’s actually true, it\’s certainly something worth thinking about! 

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