Welcome 2010… um, better late than never.

10 things I want to do this year…
Starting a little late it seems!

  1. get the guitar checked out and re learn my chords
  2. make beeswax candles
  3. sew something… anything
  4. can tomatoes
  5. make jam
  6. get my dog to stop peeing in the house
  7. lose 10 lbs (hey, it’s a start)
  8. finish the afghan I’m crocheting for mom
  9. take more pictures
  10. um, er, ok, I guess that’s only nine. And that’s a lot to chew.

I am categorically opposed to new-year resolutions. They’re the best way to set yourself up for disappointment.
It’s often hard enough to get through the day-to-day without feeling like I’ve totally blown it, and that’s without a list of unreasonable expectations to try to achieve.

I do believe in positive visualization though, and I try to remain open and optimistic, it’s just seasoned with a healthy dose of realism.

Today, I’m putting fresh batteries in my camera and I’m going to take a buttload of pictures. Go number 9!


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One Response to Welcome 2010… um, better late than never.

  1. Anna says:

    can you make me an afghan? that would be cool… and number 10!

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