The ones that feel like they look good on me, but actually don’t.

I need to go buy some clothes. I really don’t want to for several reasons… reasons such as-

1, Buying clothes when you’re fat is depressing. I have to try everything on, hate most of it, and usually  end up going home empty handed or worse- with a bunch of stuff one size larger than the last time I went.

2, Just because they make some things in my size, doesn’t mean I should wear them! Halter style tops, low rise jeans, bathing  suits…. I am fat. Nobody wants to see my back fat or my ass crack, least of all me.

3, Ultimately, there is sh*t for selection- I can either go raid the Walmart for their Fat Grandma clothes (YAY ELASTIC WAIST SLACKS!), or I can go pay through the nose at the “stylish” fat people store for stuff that I will probably only wear once or twice and decide I hate.

4, Ultimately, I hate spending money. Especially on myself. It’s a major self esteem issue, and no matter how hard I try to rationalize the necessity, I still feel guilty about buying clothes.

So, off to the Walmart I go for some more yoga pants.


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