Baby it’s cold outside… well, sort of.

Current Weather Updated: Fri, Oct. 22, 2010, 7:00 MDT – Fort McMurray Airport


It’s cold, it’s dark… it’s coming. I am less than thrilled about winter. Someone asked me “If you hate winter so much, what the hell are you doing in a place like Fort Mcmurray?”
Well, here’s the thing, beyond -5 (that’s a whopping 23 degrees to my American friends), I’m NOT going outside anyway! So whether it’s -5 or -35, I’m not going out. Even in the “Sunny Okanagan”, I stayed indoors for the winter. Too cold is too cold is too cold. 
There’s a chance that I will adapt (ha), I remember going home last year in the winter, and compared to the nasty weather we had here, it was bloody balmy. Everyone was bundled up and bitching, and I was strolling around in a sweater. 
Yes, it’s coming… Snow on Friday… 

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