Frost in the Bus Shelter

8:16 pm Thursday evening- I’m sitting here sipping my sensibly, sans-caffeine tea, waiting for the not-my-monsters to get picked up. The PVR is full of recorded programs from this week and last; I haven’t watched them, I’ve been busy sleeping at night instead. What a novel concept! Sleeping! At night! 

The horrible slump I was in leading up to (and including) the holidays is slowly lifting. I have a thing or two to look forward to, the weather (today especially), has been unseasonably, uh, “tolerable”, and with the help of a sugar-free Rock Star drink for breakfast every day this week (oh don’t even go there), I’ve been able to stay awake all day! 

This doesn’t necessarily mean I haven’t wanted to live in pajamas all week, and spend my mornings snoozing on the couch, and stay up until 2 am watching Star Trek movies- No, I still feel like crap, I’m super stupid tired all day, but at least after forcing myself to stay awake for the whole 15 hour stretch, I can hardly wait to get to bed, and there’s not a single TV program that can convince me otherwise. 

It’s the time of year where everyone makes all these great, healthy resolutions, and then shamelessly breaks them, because that’s what resolutions are for apparently. I didn’t make any, not consciously anyway. But I’ve been unbearably miserable for the last several months, maybe even longer. I don’t know if this is going to work, or maybe I’ll have a major MI from all the ginseng and guarana, but at the moment, I feel somewhat “normal”.

I’ve got my Kitchen Mojo back along with my new and improved outlook (ha ha). I’ve been inventing and experimenting and having some pretty happy success. I know the boys appreciate it- even though it would apparently kill them to say so. The cleaning ladies are going to have a bloody cow when they come back, I tell you what! I’d like to think my “Housekeeping Mojo” is going to return as well, but then I remember, I never had any of that to begin with!

I don’t know where any of this is going, but I’d like to speculate that I will start to feel better soon. Well enough at least to be more fun to be around, and for the day-to-day stuff to seem less impossible. Yes, less impossible would be fine 🙂


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