The ones that I took the gimpy elastic out of and had to use a safety pin to make them stay up.

“If a bulb dies in the kitchen, and there is no one to make a sound, does it get changed?”

The scenario- There is a light burned out in the kitchen; it’s pretty obvious, and will make cooking for everyone this afternoon kind of a pain in the ass.

What to do? Light bulbs are not my department, so it certainly won’t be me up there changing it.

Possible outcome # 1) He gets up and notices on his own and changes it. Whenever he does this, I make sure to lavish him with praise and tell him what a sexy manly man he is.

#2) He does not notice, and I have to ask him to change it. After several reminders (nagging), and pointing out that we have company coming, he gets up and changes it. *note that it will depend on whether the company is people I’ve invited or it’s his family, if it were the latter, he would already be up, changed the light bulb, shoveled the walk, cleaned the living room… but since it wasn’t his idea to invite people over, it’s not important to him.

#3) The most likely turn of events (based on historical data); I will ask, then nag, then insist that he gets up there and changes the light bulb. He will become immovable, maybe ask why I don’t do it myself, possibly point out “well, I’m not the one who invited a bunch of people over”. And when said people arrive, one of the guys will hop up there and change it for me. Of course this makes him even more resentful, but it satisfies me just fine; I just wanted it done.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

So he noticed it on his own, but I think we’re supposed to wait until they all burn out? He talked about replacing the kitchen pot-lights and eventually the rest with CFLs, but he didn’t change it. I artfully avoided mentioning the matter to any of my guests last night, as, other than the bulb issue, he was somewhat helpful through the day. He did shovel the walk without being told, and he came with me to do the shopping, and even helped with some of the prep-work for dinner. So… I’m still cooking in the dark.

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