Are you guarana finish that drink?

I will stay awake. I will make your breakfast and pack your lunch. I will get all the kids to the bus and to school on time. I will get my niece to nap, and get lunch on the table and pick the big kids up on time and catch up on the laundry and make dinner and help the child with his homework… I will do all these things, and when you give me that look when I stagger past you in front of the TV on my way to bed at 8pm, I will pretend not to notice, I will be asleep when you come up,  and I will get up at 6 tomorrow morning and do it all over again. You’re welcome.


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Look, I'm just awesome ok?
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One Response to Are you guarana finish that drink?

  1. A-me says:

    Ha ha…Yep…you are a rock babe. I remember that feeling well…now I look around my place and I sigh…two kids, one sick the previous week, one presently sick and myself ill as all get out in the middle,my house looks like a bomb went off and for a second I think…."hmm, if only I had someone to share the cleaning with..then even when I'm sick my house wouldn't look this way." Then I wake up and remember that when I did have someone to "share" those responsibilities, my house was still in shambles when I was sick because most days I was STILL doing it on my own. Kudos to you my dear. There are many that relate to that one for sure. 🙂

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