Can you imagine?

Found this with Stumble Upon

And I couldn’t help thinking (go read the “rules”), that the gratuitous praise and gushing were a little out of order. I mean, I already do ALL OF THAT on a daily basis. It’s expected of me as the bloody wife. I don’t  get “bonus points” for not calling for help, I don’t get extra credit if I clean up as I go, and I certainly do not get any special allowances to “gloat” over the finished product. I’m lucky if anyone makes eye contact with me during the meal, and I consider it a special treat if anyone can even be bothered to clear  the table at the end of the meal! So SCREW YOU  “menmakedinner” people! What a waste of webspace!

How about National Men Do The Wife Work Week? How about Men Pick Up After Themselves Month? How about Men Remember to Appreciate Women More Than Once Or Twice A Year Year? I could totally get on board with that!


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One Response to Can you imagine?

  1. Turtlegirl says:

    LMAO – do you not remember the TV show: the week the women left? Lol

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