Hola, Buenas Dias, Dos Cerveza Por Favor, Gracias mi Amigo.

I felt kinda silly for not taking very many pictures on this trip, but all the while, we were at the same resort as last year, and I didn’t see the sense in taking pictures of all the same things.

Anyway, here are some of the highlights…

The towel animals. I have had to take a picture of every towel animal on every vacation for the last 7 years. Also in this photo “Calvin” and “Buddy” and in the top right, “Balloon Dog”.

I didn’t join the boys on this excursion, but I hear tell there were Zip Lines, an Alligator Pit, caves and an underground river.
As you may have rightly deduced, I did not take any of the photos at Xplor…
all over the park they have cameras that are activated by computer chips inside your helmet! 
Before the pedicure…
My #1 son and his main squeeze 😉
The “yacht” (It was basically a slightly large boat… I had my hopes up for one of the BIG ones). They let us off at one point to snorkel, and I think they were trying to have us swept away by the crazy strong current so they could steal our kids and sell them… but they wouldn’t have been able to sell our kids- I guarantee it!
After Pedicure 😀
My two ragamuffins at the Cancun Airport… going home 😦
It was a great trip. I really really needed to relax, and that’s exactly what I did. I read a book a day (mostly trash), drank LOTS, and got some much needed sunshine- a little too much sunshine the one day, but it was totally worth it.
Next year I think we’re going back to Hawaii. 

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