Ju$t*n B*eber is a bad word

I know a few posts ago I told you about the “Michael Jackson” incident, but I ended up having to further the ban on bad language in the house to include more than; Shit, F**k, Ass (and anything that includes the word), Bitch… those are pretty standard, but there were a few slightly less obnoxious words  that I was also really sick of hearing. The words Hate, Kill, Die, Destroy, Sex, Penis, Girlfriend, Michael Jackson, and finally, “Justinbieber”. I am so sick of Justinbieber that it has now become an official swear word in my home. How do you like that!

** This is another oldie that I dug out of drafts. I wanted to share it with you. My son, ever the little Sheriff, will actually freak out on the other kids when they’re here “NOOO You’re not allowed to say that! You-know-who is a bad word!


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